Iso seivova pöytä, jolla lautaspinoja, ruokalajeja ja kukka-asetelma. Reunassa mies istuu pöydässä ja katsoo kameraan. Mustavalkokuva. A big buffet table with piles of plates, different dishes and a flower arrangement. On one side of the picture a man sitting at a table looks at the camera. Black and white picture.

A smorgasbord at the social evening at the Russian club, 1936

Picture: Pietinen, Historical Picture Collection, Finnish Heritage Agency

I enjoy serving food. If I have guests over, I have like the tablecloth from a fairy-tale that would fill by itself. My mother is a Bashkir. The table has to be full of everything. Just a little space for the cups, and otherwise the table should be full of pies, šangoes, buns, biscuits, chocolates…. Verguns! Everything. There needs to be enough food on the table to serve everyone who comes to the house, and even to be given to them to take with them.
Margarita: That was, Ninotška, before the perestroika. There was no space for dishes on the table. In the past, everyone really had it like that. But now we are on a diet.