Iäkäs nainen istuu nojatuolissa huivi päässään ja kuppi ja tassi kädessä ja katsoo kameraan. Taustalla tv ja seinällä tauluja. Mustavalkokuva. An elderly woman wearing a scarf on her head sits in a chair, holds a cup and a saucer and looks at the camera. In the backgound a television and paintings on the wall. Black and white picture.

A woman in the living room, end of 1960’s

Picture: Kari Rainer Pulkkinen, Press Photo Archive JOKA, Finnish Heritage Agency

I don’t know about other families of course, but in our family in Perm, we didn’t drink coffee. I don’t remember having coffee even when we went for visits. I saw coffee for the first time, when I was probably four years old, and my grandmother’s sister came from Moscow to visit us. She was a little grumpy, and I was afraid to approach her. She would make coffee for herself every morning and drank it with milk. It was a real process in the kitchen and it took a long time. I remember that scent. I found it interesting. I was bursting with curiosity and I very much wanted to go to the kitchen, climb on a table or stool and see what smelled like that. But I knew that if I went, she would chase me away because it was her ritual and moment of rest. But that effervescent curiosity has remained in my memories along with the smell of coffee.