Nainen mittaa marjoja peltiseen mitta-astiaan torilla. Mustavalkokuva. A woman is measuring berries with a sheet metal cup at the market. Black and white picture.

A woman sells berries and apples at the Market Square, 1934

Picture: Aarne Pietinen Oy, Historical Picture Collection, Finnish Heritage Agency

Then also, the blueberry pie. When I make a blueberry pie, I make a slightly thicker crust. But my husband’s blueberry pie has a very thin crust and a litre of blueberries. The pie tastes very much of blueberries. But in my pie I have dough in the Russian style, so that there is a lot to eat. My husband’s blueberry pie only has blueberries to eat. It is a Finnish recipe, which I gladly adopted, and I very much enjoy eating it.