Nainen, joka hämmentää kattilaa puulla lämmitettävällä hellalla. Mustavalkokuva. A woman is stirring a pot on a stove heated with wood. Black and white picture.

A woman stirs a pot in the kitchen, 1932

Picture: Pietinen, Historical Picture Collection, Finnish Heritage Agency

The only food that I haven’t gotten to like after I found out how it was prepared. My husband’s mother, while she was still healthy… invited us once… I don’t know the name of the soup, but they ordered fresh blood for it. Dry dough is mixed into the blood and made into small blood dough dumplings. My husband’s mother made a lot of dumplings like that with her daughter, that is with my husband’s sister. Then they were boiled… That smell! You know… that kind. I couldn’t stand it. I picked potatoes from the soup, ate a little. I poked my husband on his side, asked him to take those dumblings from me… I wanted to please my mother-in-law, I didn’t want to offend (laughs). I am sure it is not bad, it is a natural product after all. But it just didn’t go down… for purely psychological reasons. But everyone ate and asked for more because they were already used to it.