Nainen valkoisessa hääpuvussa ja mies tummassa puvussa astuvat ulos rakennuksen ovesta. Värikuva. A woman in a white wedding dredd and a man in a dar suit step out from a building. Colour picture.

Anita and Rauni Loukiainen were married in the church of Helsinge parish in 1968.

Picture: Anita Loukiainen’s family album

Our wedding was held in August 1968, in the church of Helsinge parish. I’m from Hanaböle, and haven’t really lived anywhere else other than here. Traditionally, the wedding would be held in the bride’s local church. This one is the church I belong to, the church of the Swedish-speaking congregation. For me, this is the only church. It’s the most beautiful church I’ve ever seen. It has a very beautiful stained glass window. The wedding party was in my childhood home. I don’t recall clearly, but it was a clear day and it didn’t rain. Our wedding was small, thirty guests at most, and just close relatives.

My wedding dress was rented, which was usual in those times. The bouquet had dark red roses and daisies. I had the bouquet hanging on the wall for a long time, until it finally fell apart. The children came, and they bounced and played, and slowly it started to fall to pieces.

Anita Loukiainen