Etualalla kuihtuneita vihreitä kasveja ja kaksi oranssilehtistä puuta, joiden takana asuinkerrostalo. Värivalokuva. In the foreground withered green plants and two trees with orange coloured leaves. Behind them an appartment building. Colour picture.

Autumn landscape in Ilola, Vantaa.

Picture: Tarin

I took this picture last autumn in Vantaa’s Ilola during my kindergarten internship. When I look at this image, I remember the day I arrived in Finland. Our house looked the same. I hadn’t seen my husband for four years. Our children had grown up a lot.

It was September, when we arrived in Finland from Pakistan. In Pakistan it was hot, forty degrees, so we’d dressed in light clothes, myself and my children. We arrived in the evening and travelled home in a warm car. Inside the house was warm and we still had light clothes on. I was surprised in the morning when I looked outside from the kitchen window, and the landscape was similar to this picture. I asked my husband if it was cold outside. We had to go out for errands and we dressed up warm but it was so cold, only five degrees. The leaves were yellow.

In Pakistan life was a little hard and we lived in a small room. When we came to Finland, I said that even though I don’t like the cold weather, I’m happy our family is united and we have our own flat. Whenever I see yellow leaves, I remember the wonderful memory of that first day in Finland.