Kaksi lasta poimii marjoja pieneen koriin ja ämpäriin. Mustavalkokuva. Two children picking berries in a small basket and bucket. Black and white picture.

Children are picking berries in a forest in Suomussalmi, 1965

Picture: Poutvaara Matti, Ethnographic Picture Collection, Finnish Heritage Agency

Finnish people pick very few berries. They rather buy them from the store. Even if there are a lot of berries in the forest! They pass by, pick up a few and continue their journey with their dogs. A Russian person wonders how they can ignore it all ?! Where does all that wealth go? So every evening… Last year I bought a dryer. I dried a few buckets of berries. Half a bucket of wild strawberries alone. All that we found here in Haaga. This year, the forest was thinned. I’m afraid we will not get very much raspberries.