Kolme pientä poikaa juo kahvia kupeista nurmikolla. Etualalla iso kahvipannu ja koreja. Mustavalkokuva. Three small boys sitting on lawn and drinking coffee from cups. On the foreground a big coffee pot and baskets. Black and white picture.

Children on a coffee break, 1958

Picture: Voutilainen Erkki, Press Photo Archive JOKA, Finnish Heritage Agency

I remember really well how I went to the music school for my violin lesson and my teacher sat me down at the table saying, “Let’s have some coffee.” He bolied the water using a resistor, the kind people used before, a small heater with a metal twirl. He then took ground coffee and added it to the water. Coffee was brewed and we drank it. No one said that I was a child and that I wouldn’t have been allowed to drink coffee. It was not very strong of course, rather like stained water. But it was so much fun.
Polina: I also used to take violin lessons. But when I came to the class, my teacher said, “Ok then, you play, and I’ll have coffee.”