Joulupöytä, jossa kuivakakku, kaksi pitkää kynttilää ja tuomaanristi-koriste. Mustavalkokuva. Christmas table on which a cake, two long candles and cross-shaped decoration carved of wood (tuomaanristi). Black and white picture.

Christmas chores at the Ali-Seppälä household, 1956

Picture: Voutilainen Erkki, Press Photo Archive JOKA, Finnish Heritage Agency

I feel like all Finnish Christmas foods are… somekind of casseroles (laughs). Potato casserole. Carrot casserole. Swede casserole. Rosolli (a beetroot salad). I remember when I was teaching Finnish and I told the students about the Christmas food in Finland, they specified, “Are they made for parties? Are all those casseroles festive food?” (laughs). I think for these little ones (nodding towards the children who are born in Finland) it is quite normal. Yes, for festivals.