Vihreä auto, jonka perässä asuntovaunu. Asuntovaunun edessä kangaskatoksen alla nainen ja kaksi miestä istuvat pöydän ääressä ja juovat kupeista. Värivalokuva. A green car, behind which a caravan. In front of the caravan a woman and two men are sitting by a table and drinking out of cups. Colour picture.

Coffee break at the camping site, 1979–1986.
Picture: Teuvo Kanerva, Historical Picture Collection, The Finnish Heritage Agency

This image takes me back to my hometown and my childhood. We didn’t have much money. I had a half-brother that lived in Kabul but visited us often. I was so happy when my brother would visit us because he had a small truck. He worked as a truck driver. Not so many people in the village owned a car in those days.

We really looked forward to his visits because he’d take us on day trips and to the park, and we had so much fun. We took good food and tea with us, and carpets to sit on. Often when he visited us, we made Kabuli pulao – a meat and rice dish. We also invited relatives to join us on these trips, and sometimes my brother would make a few pick up journeys so everybody could make it. I remember the truck we travelled in really well, it was my brother’s first car. We’d sit in the open back, and had to wear scarves because it was so windy. I still really like travelling and day trips. If somebody would suggest a trip, I’d be up for it – even if it was every week.