Nainen katsoo kameraan ja pitää valkoista mukia kädessään, jossa kahvia tai teetä. Värikuva. Woman looking at the camera and holding a white cup with coffee or tea in it. Colour picture.

Coffee mug, 2020

Picture: Daria Agapova. A picture from a personal collection

I have a favorite mug, it’s big and crooked. I bought it from Denmark. Or not really. I have bought a similar one from Denmark. This happened a long time ago in 2005, when I lived in St. Petersburg and received the first grant of my life from the Nordic Council of Ministers to travel to visit museums. They were small sums of money that needed to be used wisely. It was a student trip, on which I could allow myself to stay in hostels and eat kefir and instant macaroni (laughs). But the trip was great. I went to Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. In Denmark, I went to one store to buy myself something as a souvenir. I saw that mug that cost three euros. It seemed infinitely expensive to me at the time because I counted everything in rubles. But I liked it so much that I bought it and took it home with me. The mug did not last until I moved to Finland. But in Helsinki, I went to the Tiger store and saw a similar mug that cost just the same amount. How cheap (laughs).