Lapsia ja pari aikuista kioskin edessä. Mustavalkokuva. Children and a couple of adults in front of a kiosque. Black and white picture.

Customers at a kiosque. Children and some adults on the terrace of the kiosque. On the table a box of salty liquorice, 1961

Picture: Poutvaara Matti, Ethnographic Picture Collection, Finnish Heritage Agency

My husband’s grandchildren are not given any sweets until they are one year old. So his children didn’t give them anything except raisins and salty liquorice. No lollipops. They don’t care about sweets in general because it’s not good for the teeth. Even my husband’s ninety-six-year-old mother still has her teeth. That says something. I make observations. When someone is being interviewed, I look into his mouth all the time. I have noticed that many elderly Finns still have their teeth! Amazing.