Pöydällä kakku, jonka päällä valkoista kuorrutetta, ikoni, värikkäitä munia, pitkä punainen kynttilä ja muita pääsiäiskoristeita. Värikuva. On the table a cake on top which white frosting, an icon, colourful eggs, a long red candle and other Easter decorations. Colour picture.

Easter table, 2020

Picture: Nina Hyöky, picture from personal collection

I was born in Cuban. We baked a lot of kulich. Mom even cleaned the flowers off the windowsills. Women set kulich one after the other, big and small. They were sprinkled with decorations purchased from the market square. A teaspoon of ornaments were sold in a small bag made of a newspaper. Various colours were purchased for colouring, as well as for colouring the sugar and groats that were sprinkled on top of them. Also Gogol-Mogol sauce was poured over the kulich. Children were always waiting for to get to eat the frosting.