Ryhmä pääsiäisnoidiksi pukeutuneita lapsia. Mustavalkokuva. A group of children dressed as Easter wiches. Black and white picture.

Easter witches (trulli), 1960-1968

Picture: Koljonen Vilho, Ethnographic Picture Collection, Finnish Heritage Agency

The Easter traditions here were completely new to me. In St. Petersburg I had not encountered these, and here I was warned that at Easter the children would be collecting sweets. One of my grandchildren was… three months old, the other one was under two years old. I had just put them to sleep when the doorbell suddenly rang. I realize that if I don’t open now, the doorbell will keep ringing. And the grandchildren had just fallen asleep. I run to the kitchen, take the chocolates reserved for this, open the door, and whisper, “Ssshh!” Poor children jump back from the door. They had just taken a breath and opened their mouths to begin to say the short rhyme (virpoa)… I push the sweets to them and I just have time to notice the amazed mother standing half a floor below before closing the door.