Neljä miestä siisteissä vaatteissa istuu pöydän ääressä syömässä maitopohjaista keittoa. Yksi mies ammentaa lautaselleen keittoa posliinisesta keittokulhosta. Värikuva. Four men in neat clothes are sitting in the table eating milk-based soup. One man takes soup with a ladle from a porcelain bowl. Colour picture.

Eating, 1957

Picture: Historical Picture Collection, Finnish Heritage Agency

I chose a photograph of four men taking soup from a soup bowl. I think it’s fish soup. Finnish fish soup with cream. When I lived in Kiev, no one thought that red fish could be cooked, and even with cream. And yet, it is probably one of the best Finnish soups that practically everyone likes. Wherever I go, I always take salmon with me. It does not matter whether it is allowed or prohibited… take a fillet and let’s go. The recipe is most simple. First, add the potatoes and carrots in the water and when they are almost cooked, add the salmon fillet. The fish cooks very fast, the salmon cooks literally in minutes. Then cream, and black pepper, dill and salt, and nothing else. I don’t add onions. That’s it. The main thing is cream, like butter in France! In there a knob of butter is added to everything and the result is really good. Again, the Finns add cream in everything.