Nainen, joka on pukeutunut kansallispukuun. Värikuva. A women wearing a national costume. Colour picture.

Elin Rönnholm wearing the Helsinge national costume in Helsinggård in Tikkurila during the Swedish Day celebrations.

Picture: Ralf Rönnholm

The picture was taken a few years ago, when we were serving coffee with The Marthas (women’s association) at the Swedish Day celebrations at Helsinggård, organised by the Finnish Swedish-speaking youth club. Above my head is a painting of Helsinggård. Unfortunately not many people recognise this national costume, as there are very few of us who have lived here all of our lives. I do get many comments at parties about how nice it is that somebody is wearing it.

The costume is pretty important to me. I feel fancy when I wear it. I have made it myself and I wear it often on festive occasions. It is quite a special dress because of its horizontal stripes. Usually traditional costumes have vertical stripes, which is why my costume often gets a lot of attention. It is quite an unusual and fancy dress.

Elin Rönnholm