Hirsimökki, jonka ulkopuolella seinällä roikkuu kaloja. Seinään nojaa työkalua ja tarve-esineitä. Mustavalkokuva. A log cottage with fish hanging on the wall outside. Tools and other useful objects leaning on the wall. Black and white picture.

Fish being dried on the wall, 1912

Picture: Sirelius U.T., Ethnographic Picture Collection, Finnish Heritage Agency

In the picture, there are household tools and fish is hanging. In Siberia, where I grew up, we also dried fish. We, the children spread them on the roof. Here they hang on a string in a civilised way. It is a touching picture to me. We called that kind of fish air-dried fish (in Russian vjalet). Here it was dried and there it was air-dried. On the roof and in the house and everywhere. Of course horse flies and flies would appear. And to keep the horse flies and flies away we were given some kind of net…. and not even a net, but some type of gauze I think, probably a hundred years old. Brittled everywhere. And we covered the fish. All of that was our work, there on the roof.