Kaksi tyttöä istuu korkealla kivimuurilla ja syö jäätelöpuikkoja. Mustavalkokuva. Two girls sitting on a high stone wall eating ice cream bars. Black and white picture.

Girls sitting on a stone wall and eating ice cream, 1971

Picture: Kanerva Teuvo, Historical Picture Collection, Finnish Heritage Agency

As a child, I was confused about ice cream in one way, namely how my grandmother ate it … We lived in Pavlovsk and then in Pushkin, Tsarkoye Selo, and walked a lot in the parks. We often bought ice cream when we went for a walk. grandma bought it both for me and herself. I licked the ice cream, grandma would bite. There was no way I could understand how ice cream could be bitten, as the teeth should hurth. At the time, I didn’t know yet that grandma was putting her teeth in a drinking glass for the night (everyone laughs). What I wanted to say… If I was in kindergarten or school then, it was the late 60s or early 70s. That is, grandma was in her sixties… And she no longer had any teeth at all. My spouse turns seventy tomorrow, and he still has all his teeth… That kind of childhood mystery, how can grandma chew ice cream? Grandma just munches another bite. She is so fond of sweets!