1. Puulevyihin naulattua lohta paistuu nuotiolla. Värikuva. Salmon nailed on wood being cooked on fire. Colour picture.

Helsinki Baltic Herring Market, 2019

Picture: Polina Razorilova. Picture from a personal collection

I ended up in Finland because I got married to a Finn (laughs). We met by chance in India, and later I moved to Finland to live with him. Through him I have become acquainted with all the surprising dishes (laughs). I’ve seen all the types of foods his family prepares. Barbecuing has been one of the most intense experiences. When we were preparing fish, he took a big piece of salmon and nailed it to a piece of wood. And he took the piece of wood that was right at his feet… I thought, “What a sharp guy! There’s a man for you. No gridirons or skewers, but only a piece of wood and we are ready to grill!” He always did that and it amazed me every time. I even said to my father, that imagine what Sami is doing. Then one time when I was preparing a guided tour of Pasila for tourists, and I was reading some literature for that, I found out it was the oldest way of preparing fish on a campfire in Finland. Traditional! And I thought my husband had invented it (laughs).