Winter in Karelia, 2016

Frost in the hair

Icicles on beard

This picture was sent to me by my son Stepa. It is from the same year when I moved to Finland with my husband. February 2016. We in Karelia still had a solid and happy winter. I was settling in, in a new place, and although there was a lot of snow in Kotka that year, it melted quickly and the warm weather started much earlier than usual… I got used to the new environment. Stepa got used to me being far away. Icicles on his beard remind me of that strange episode in our lives. The picture is dear to me.

“Frost in the hair”. I was already in Kotka and I was wandering around in the cold weather outside. I sent this photo to Stepa to show that there is a winter here too. So this was my response to his photo “Icicles on the Beard.”


Ilona Rumyantseva