Kuvassa on kaksi osaa. Toisessa puolikkaassa matkalaukkua vetävä ja kantamuksia kantava nuori nainen kuvaa oman ikkunan heijastaman peilikuvansa kadulla. Toisessa puolikkaassa muki, jossa nyyttejä kantava Pikku Myy. Mustavalkokuva. The picture has two parts. In the other half a young woman pulling a suit case and carrying bags takes a picture of her own reflection on the window in the street. In the other half a cup that has a picture of Little My carrying bundles. Black and white picture.

Little My mug

Picture: Dina Grigoreva. Picture from a personal collection

I drink coffee from a big Moomin mug. It has a picture like this (shows). I bought it around the time when I moved several times in a short time period. It was horrible, although I didn’t have any other items besides the ones that I could fit in a bag, suitcase, and carry with me. I moved everything by myself by bus. I looked exactly like this Little My on the mug, who has a cart and bundles everywhere (laughs). When I saw it, I realised it described my life. A real portrait of me. It was with that kind of worried look that I walked carrying all kinds of bags. But now I have a home where I have lived for some time. I’m really happy about that. But this mug reminds me of a troubled period in my life.