Kaksi punaista penkkiä. Etualalla vihreää nurmikkoa, penkkien takana lehdettömiä puita. Värivalokuva. Two red benches. In the front green lawn, behind the benches leafless trees. Colour picture.

Mansikkamäki Park, Central Park

Picture: Suvi Sillanpää

This is a picture of one of my favourite places: the Mansikkamäki park in Helsinki’s Central Park. I’ve visited there since childhood and now again as I’ve moved back to the area. I go there often in the summer to relax, read, or to do work. Sometimes I take a packed lunch with me. Near these benches are old apple trees that have probably been left here by the inhabitants of the old Wooden Pasila. The apples of those trees are really sour, but it was fun to gather them as a child. Of course, I had to eat the apples too, even though they didn’t taste good. Nowadays this place, in the middle of nature, has a calming and energising effect on me.

Suvi Sillanpää