Mies laittaa lautaseltaan haarukalla kalakukkoa suuhun. Mustavalkokuva. Man putting a piece of fish pie (kalakukko) in his mout. Black and white picture.

Matti Jämsä and others eating kalakukko prepared by Kalle Anttoon, 1954

Picture: Saarinen UA, Press Photo Archive JOKA, Finnish Heritage Agency

About kalakukko (a pie filled with fish). I can’t understand the idea of fish combined with pork lard… It’s not for me. On the other hand, of course, mix the incompatible… Depends on what you get used to. I don’t know what others have been told, but I’ve always been told, “No fish with milk!” Fish with milk?! It will make me feel unwell! But it turned out that it is good. Fish with milk makes you feel absolutely great.