Kaksi nuorta miestä, joilla tummat puvut ja toisella miehellä päässä ylioppilaslakki. Värivalokuva. Two young men wearing dark suits and the other one is wearing a Finnish student cap. Colour picture.

Newly graduated Farzad Kheirkhah and his brother Farhad Kheirkhah.

Picture: Farah Kheirkhah

This is a wonderful and special memory for me. I never went to school myself and have always been sad that I never studied. I had a dream that my children would educate themselves as much as they could. My children were born in Afghanistan and because of the war we had to move many times, and my children didn’t get a proper opportunity to go to school. In Finland, all my sons and daughters got into school and they’ve all studied a vocational or higher level degree.

In this picture my youngest son has just graduated from the upper secondary school (lukio). Our whole family attended the ceremony at the school, when he got his cap. He’s now studying industrial engineering and management at the university in Vaasa. Looking at this picture makes me see that all my dreams have come true, and I’m very happy. All my children have studied and they are hardworking. I’ve always said to them that you need to study and help other people. This country helped us, so we will help it back. I’m proud of myself that I’ve brought them up well and given them a good life. I’m happy that everyone is safe.

Atai Shokriya