Piiraita ja leivonnaisia, kuparinen kahvipannu ja värikkäitä, savisia tai posliinisia kukko-koriste-esineitä. Värikuva. Pies and pastries, a copper coffee pot and colourful clay or porcelain rooster ornaments. Colour picture.


Picture: Bonin Volker von, Historical Picture Collection, Finnish Heritage Agency

I tried to serve my loved ones a pumpkin pie in Finland. But my husband and my Finnish family could not understand why they are salty. That is how it is made in Uzbekistan, where I come from. In my family, we often made pumpkin mantis, samsas and pies with different kinds of spices. In Russia, where I also lived for a while, pumpkin pies are often sweet. In general, I have never been particularly interested in the food theme. But now I have noticed that I have learned a lot about Finland and about my Finnish family, when we have discussed what and how everyone is used to eating. It is precisely because of such moments that we often come to talk about traditions, history, or childhood.