Kaksi naista seisoo pöydän ääressä ja leipoo. Toisella naisella on huivi päässä. Mustavalkokuva. Two women standing at a table and baking. The other woman is wearinga scarf on her head. Black and white picture.

Preparation of keitinpiiras: the crust of the pie is filled and closed, 1935

Picture: Hirsjärvi Auvo, Ethnographic Picture Collection, Finnish Heritage Agency

In this photo, a mother, and apparently a daughter or possibly a grandchild, are baking pies. I wanted to tell you about the names of these pies. In Karelia we call them “For unexpected guests” for the simple reason that they are made of porridge. Porridge was always available. If we got guests unexpectedly, this pie could be made quickly. They are fried in vegetable oil and they become crunchy. The crust was made greasy enough, and the filling was made out of porridge. The youngest daughter of our aunt went to build Baikonur, her husband lived there. Our aunt sent stuffed pies like this as gifts from Karelia. They got there well. This pie is also called “For the son-in-law”.