Vaaleisiin asuihin pukeutuneet naiset työskentelevä koneistolla ja liukuhihnalla, jossa purkitetaan herneitä säilyketölkkeihin. Poika kaataa herneitä laitteeseen. Mustavalkokuva. Women running the machinery and conveyor belt to can peas. A boy is pouring peas in the machine. Black and white picture.

Preservation of peas, 1963

Picture: Voutilainen Erkki, Press Photo Archive Joka, Finnish Heritage Agency

My story of surprising food is about pea soup. I, like Tanja, ended up in Finland through marriage. My husband is Finnish-Swedish and he is from Ostrobothnia. We got married at a mature age, and I took care of the home. When you get married at that age, or at any age, you naturally want to delight and pamper your loved one. One time my husband asked for pea soup. I t is a traditional dish for the Finns. It is made on Thursdays. We bought meat and I started making soup like we do: carrots, onions, peas, potatoes. The soup was boiling when my husband asked, “Why didn’t you put macaroni in the soup?”. I asked, “What do you mean, macaroni?! In Russia we do not put macaroni the in pea soup. You must be mistaken! ” He says, “Let’s call the mother-in-law!”. He explains that her mother always adds macaroni. I was very surprised. We called my mother-in-law, and she confirmed that macaroni is added in the soup, but carrots are not. So where my husband is from, macaroni is added to the soup. Confusing. For us, it seems impossible. Of course, I just cooked him that kind of pea soup, with macaroni. Myself, I didn’t eat the macaroni.