Kaksi miestä työskentelee suuren maustekurkkualtaan vieressä. Altaasta lähtee liukuhihna, jolla kurkkuja. Mustavalkokuva. Two men are working next to big pool full of pickled cucumbers. A conveyor belt takes pickled cucumbers from the pool. Black and white picture.

Preservation of pickles at the factory of Marke Oy in Turku, 1964

Picture: Voutilainen Erkki, Press Photo Archive JOKA, Finnish Heritage Agency

When Grigori Oster’s book was published in Finnish, the publisher organised a publication event in Finland. The event was open for all and the servings included pickled cucumber with honey. The guests included many young children’s book authors from Russian and they asked: “Is this customary in Finland, to eat pickled cucumber with smetana and honey? (laughs) “No”, I said, “they think that it is customary for us. They have prepared Russian delicacies for us.” (laughs).

Tanja: Yes, I have also heard about this from my Finnish friends! They think that we eat them for breakfast.

Nadja: The Russian restaurant Šašlik serves that kind of appetisers! All the Finns think that it is a Russian appetiser (All laugh).