Suomen markan seteleitä, joiden päällä joitain kolikoita. Värivalokuva. Finnish mark bills on top of which some coins. Colour picture.

Renewed Finnish mark: bills and coins, 1986–1995.

Picture: Jorma Poutanen, Historical Picture Collection, The Finnish Heritage Agency

Värikkäitä magneetteja jääkaapin ovessa. Värivalokuva. Colourful magnets on the fridge door. Colour picture.

Picture: Sraya Artan

Numismatics has been one of my favourite hobbies. In Afghanistan I had a currency collection, but we had to leave the collection and all our other belongings behind when we left. Later the collection was stolen by somebody. I began collecting currency when I was in the 9th grade, and I had items from all around the world. Sometimes, I’d stay up until three or four in the morning to arrange them nicely in my folder. I also collected serviettes, match boxes and stamps. I had two handwritten books with poems by Saadi.

If somebody had foreign money, I’d offer to buy it for a high price. I know the worth of my collection but the person who stole it didn’t understand its value, and the reason why I’d collected the currency. I worked on my collection for thirty years, but within thirty minutes somebody took it all and threw it away. I never cry for stolen homeware, but I’m still sad about my collections. Other things you can always buy again, but the collections were irreplaceable. I loved my collections and collecting. I have some Afghan currency, but I’m not actively collecting currencies of other countries. Nowadays I collect fridge magnets. A friend of mine brings them from her travels. I specifically request her to bring pictures of historical and beautiful places.

Sraya Artan