Mies tarjoaa kauhalla hernekeittoa isosta kattilasta naiselle, joka ojentaa kertakäyttökippoa. Värikuva. Man is serving peasoup with a ladle to a woman handing a disposable bowl. Colour picture.

Serving pea soup at a rally at the Senate Square, 2018

Picture: Kiuru Sakari, Historical Picture Collection, Finnish Heritage Agency

My husband really likes… what the name now… kernokeitto (hernekeitto=pea soup). We were in India in the winter, and one restaurant there organised a Finnish day. There was an advertisement on Facebook in which all the Finns in the area were invited to have pea soup. Sami was waiting for that day. The restaurant was fifteen kilometres away. He said, let’s go in the morning. I replied that of course, otherwise all the soup will be eaten before we get there. And guess what? We arrived in the restaurant. There was Finnish mustard on the tables and there was no one there. Where would you find Finns who would like to eat pea soup in India? My husband asked if I would have pea soup. I replied no thanks. There he sat in a restaurant on a Finnish day and ate that soup.