Kivinen torni, jonka alaosan tasanteella mies ja vilkuttava nainen. Värivalokuva. A man and a waiving woman on a lower platform of a tower made of stone. Colour picture.

At the observation tower in Aulanko Nature Reserve.

This picture is from Aulanko, Hämeenlinna. My son lives in Tampere. He studies at Tampere University. My two sons wanted to take me to the Aulanko observation tower when I was visiting. We had food with us, we sat on the grass, and we looked at the view from the observation tower. It was very beautiful there, and I’m very fond of old and historical places. It was a special experience, as I’d never seen such a high place in Finland. The view from the tower was beautiful – forest and rivers. I visit my son in Tampere many times a year. He is now writing his thesis, so he is very busy. I really hope we can have a party when he graduates this spring.