Seurueet istuvat kahvilan pöydissä, tarjoilijattaret tarjoilevat. Osa ihmisistä katsoo kameraan. Mustavalkokuva. Groups are sitting at the tables of the café, waitresses are waiting. Some of the people are looking at the camera. Black and white picture.

The golden room in Fazer café, 1930

Picture: Pietinen, Historical Picture Collection, Finnish Heritage Agency

My mother and I were in Italy. In Italy, of course, people drink coffee. But my mother doesn’t care about coffee at all and she only likes very strong tea. It is not possible to finish lunch without a decent cup of tea. Wherever we were, she always tried to order tea. And that was always a problem – at best, the waitress was just amazed. Most of the time there simply was no tea, they had run out sometime around one year ago. The most confusing event was the time when a tea bag was steeped in hot water that was ran directly from the tap. “Italians just aren’t friends of tea,” the guide explained. “No wonder if they steep it that way. I would hate it too, ”Mother replied (laughs).