Suuri hella keskellä huonetta ja suuria kattiloita tai koneita. Huoneessa suuret, valoisat ikkunat. Mustavalkokuva. A big stove in the middle of the room, big kettles or machines. The room has big windows and a lot of light. Black and white picture.

The hospital of the Red Cross: kitchen, 1932

Picture: Pietinen, Historical Picture Collection, Finnish Heritage Agency

I am from Ukraine. I moved to Finland immediately after my studies, and I have always worked in the restaurant services . My most interesting job was as a shift supervisor in the kitchen of a university hospital. And I want to say that I think everything there was rocket science. A particularly caring relationship with the patients. The patients could use a special form to tell what they are ate or did not eat, and each patient’s meal was was prepared for them. In other words, a lot of different dishes for different people were prepared in the kitchen every day. All wishes were taken into account. All the information was put together three times a day, and it was the responsibility of the shift supervisor in the food distribution to ensure that no one got anaphylactic shock. In a few seconds. After that, everything is arranged in small carts, heated, and taken to the patient. But many people are dissatisfied and complain that the food is not good, there is too little salt or this or that… But it is diet food, it can not be compared to anything else! In reality, that process is simply impressive.