Luminen Helsingin Kauppatori. Etualalla sulaa vettä ja sorsia satama-altaassa. Torilla oransseja myyntikojuja. Värikuva. Snowy Market Square of Helsinki. In the foreground open water and ducks in the dock. Orange-coloured stalls at the square. Colour picture.

The Market Square in the winter and the Stone of the Empress

Picture: Bonin von Volker, Historical Picture Collection, Finnish Heritage Agency

Salmon soup… When my father comes to Helsinki for a visit, an inseparable part of the programme, and the most important part over all, is to go the Market Square, among the tourists and the pigeons… and to by the salmon soup that costs seven euros. And to eat it from a disposable plastic bowl sitting on the long bench among the other tourists. Although at the moment it is not possible to experience that…