Kolme pääsiöisnoidiksi pukeutunutta tyttöä. Mustavalkokuva. Three girls dressed as Easter witches. Black and white picture.

The witches of the Easter Day, 1977

Picture: Press Photo Archive JOKA, Finnish Heritage Agency

Something touching happened to us this year on Easter. I have three little girls. One is quite small, and two are a little bigger, and they all really looked forward to the day when they could walk from house to house giving willow branches (virpoa) and collecting sweets. They didn’t say anything to me and my husband, but made preparations by themselves, gathered willow twigs, decorated them, took a teapot, drew freckles for themselves, and said, “Now, let’s go.” We said, “Stop, where are you going?” “To give willow twigs and collect sweets.” “No, no! You can’t. It’s the quaratine. Now we’re not going anywhere.” Tears flooded. So much preparation… We had to come up with something. We sent them to the hallway outside appartment. They rang the doorbell, gave us willow branches, and we gave them candy. So we pretend that we were not their parents, but some other… neighbours. This kind Easter we had this year. It was fun.