Hannu Pälsi on a kick scooter, 1930

Picture:  Pälsi Sakari, Ethnographic Picture Collection, Finnish Heritage Agency

Tieranasaur 2020


The pace of life in Helsinki has always been more dynamic than elsewhere in Finland. As the rental electric scooters appeared in the city, the pace accelerated even more. The light, expeditious friends of the youth entice to dash far across the distance of the city. However, not all city dwellers were delighted about the chaotic scooter traffic. With the start of quarantine, people began to move much less around the city and the pace calmed down, it is not as busy as before. I’ve noticed that there are fewer and fewer scooters, and it wouldn’t cross my mind to use them. Right now, every minute spent outdoors is precious and you feel like just strolling down the street, not to race anywhere. As I walked around, I found this scooter and realised that they were “going extinct,” like dinosaurs. I imagined how archaeologists after centuries would find a scooter and name it Tieranasaur 🙂

Mariia Sennikova