View from the Oodi library’s terraces.

Picture: Sraya Artan

The subject of the art rug in Oodi is Aleksis Kivi.

Picture: Sraya Artan

In the summer of 2019 we went on a day trip to Oodi in Helsinki with the Nicehearts group. I really like this library and the view from there. In Afghanistan I used to be a history teacher and I really like books and libraries. That is also the reason why I’m so interested in historical things. In Oodi there are art rugs about Finnish authors. This rug is about Aleksis Kivi. The group leader told us the history and stories about him and that’s why I wanted to take a picture of it. I took the other picture from the Oodi terrace, because you can see four important buildings from there. However, only two of these buildings fit in the picture.

I sometimes go to Kannelmäki library, but it is quite small. I like Oodi because it’s big, it has many floors, areas for children, photocopiers and sewing machines. On one floor it has a restaurant and a reading area for children that looks exactly like an orange pumpkin. The building looks like a giant ship inside and the third floor ceiling looks like the sky. It is a very nice, beautiful place.

Sraya Artan